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The Viking burial clothes could have happened upon a similar design by sheer happenstance; the word is not intricate or unusual enough to rule that out.Also, here is the whole image published in the Daily Mail: Note the swastika at the top of the image (interestingly enough, the BBC cut the swastika out of the image in their story on this).A foreshadowing of the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazi/Islamic collaboration of World War II? The swastika was an ancient Norse image for the sun. So even if the burial clothes do say “Allah,” the Vikings were not Muslim, because if they had been, they wouldn’t be employing the symbols of , the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. Presumably the symbols there, next to the supposed “Allah,” are just a bit of ornamental design.

Then you list your ideal wishes for a mate using the same criteria.

Parting question: is the design on the famous Greek diner coffee cup a variant of the square Kufic “Allah”? A study of the garments, found in 9th and 10th century graves, has revealed the presence of Arabic script invoking Allah.


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