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It can be used to announce PMS - 'The Red Bird has started migrating' (moving south/downwards indicating it's getting ready to leave the body); to announce the start of a period - 'The Red Bird has landed/is nesting'; or, on rare occasions that a period is late - 'The Red Bird's migration is delayed.' Some of my friends have started using this term also; unlike me, though, they use it because in public no one can tell what we are referring to." The writer grew up in a liberal household, but no one ever mentioned menstruation.

(July 2002) [The] "I am not sure if you are still taking nicknames for periods, but what me and my friends called it when we were little was "The Red Dot of Doom" or 'The Red Dawn has Arrived.' We called it the 'Red Dot of Doom' when we were little because we were so terrified of getting it!

He shot up his hand in a stop gesture and exclaimed loudly (with his deep southern twang) 'RED LIGHT!

' From that day on, my girlfriends and I always yell out 'RAYED LIGHT! A.) (March 2001) "When I was growing up as a teenager in New Haven, Connecticut, during the 1960s, a very common term was 'the redcoats have landed' to describe the arrival of one's period.

I think it's poetic and especially apropos considering so many women are returning to using cloth pads as alternatives to bleached commercial products.

'Riding the crimson towel.' I laughed my head off the first time I heard it, but use it all the time now! on your website, after being curious about the history of Feminine Hygiene Products.

(September 2003) "When I was in Junior and Senior High School in the Midwest in the late 1950s and 1960s, our P. teachers would take roll at the beginning of each class.One I didn't notice was 'Scarlet Fever,' a joke between me and a friend based on an old old show about medieval warriors. A." (November 2005) "Hello, Being a theologically minded person, the term I generally use to refer to 'that time of the month' is the 'scourge of Eve'; i.e.Upon finding out the only female character was on her monthly, the main character asked her 'Are you crazy? ' it was a very interesting play on words, considering for the time the show was done in people thought of periods as a disease or an illness or a wound. ' We giggled about our bewildered coach the rest of the trip! 'I feel awful, the scourge of Eve is upon me.' It is, I think, fairly discreet and general enough that it won't offend or frighten my (likewise-theologically minded) guy friends; some of them, I think, use it without knowing what it means. But those who use it understanding what it means don't seem to have a problem using it.Robert Palmer did a song called 'Sneaking Sally through the alley' and because I see the letter 'S' in red, I thought it was a perfect match.


(Seeing letters & numbers in certain colors like: D & 5 are brown, I & J are yellow, etc..One afternoon he referred to it as the 'Red Bird of Bitchiness' (as opposed to the Blue Bird of Happiness).



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